Lead UX Strategist
n’a mighty pirate

Empathy is key in designing accessible digital products.

I'm a UX Strategist and a keynote speaker at various tech meetups and conferences. I write about design thinking, accessibility and leadership in UX. Top 10 Design writers on Medium in 2017.

I'm also the CEO of an Edtech startup Snaget Ltd and the founder of Inspiro Talks. In my spare time I mentor others and host Silicon Drinkabout in London.

I have led teams and projects for national and global brands...

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Let it Fly!

Redesigning Virgin Atlantic’s mobile app Exceptional in-flight entertainement experience

Read the case study.

Download the presentation (PDF).

Fitness Revisited

Spotlight on the new Body You mobile app

Read the case study.

Download the presentation (PDF).

“Beauty and brains, pleasure and usability — they should go hand in hand.”

Donald A. Norman

I design because I care; I aim to reduce people’s frustrations that come with using digital products.
My journey initially started with Art and Set Design. I discovered the power of the humans interactivity with objects and its impact on their emotions, which led me today, to User Experience Design. I see design in layers and perceive it as an interactive installation.


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